Tuesday, 22 December 2009

It's Snow Joke

A cold snap across Europe has left Manchester with slushy/icy roads for the last few days. The first day the roads were as the picture above - I decided to take the car to work! It wasn't too bad driving but took longer than a normal cycle commute as everyone seemed to be driving with a modicum of sense at least.

Trying not to let the weather beat me I decided to cycle if at all possible. The next time I was due to commence work I was starting a set of night shifts and the main roads had been cleared to a degree (by ploughing everything into the cycle lanes). I gave it a go on the bike. I left earlier than normal and had extra clothing in case I needed to get off and walk. It only took 20 mins instead of a normal 15 min journey time. I went extra slow around corners and on the side roads but had no problems at all.

Due to leave for a night shift in half an hour and will be taking the bike again. The roads are maybe a little more slushy after fresh snowfall today but it hasn't frozen yet. Wish me luck!

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