Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Moped Menace

Bring Back Birching!
(squeaks the angry voice inside my head)

I was assaulted last week.

On my bike, cycling home from work at about 21.00hrs I was passed by two moped riders - the first quite close and the second who punched/slapped me on the helmet as he went buzzing by. I stopped and rang through the registration number to the police in case a patrol car was further up the road. When I got home I was still a bit shaken as I could easily been knocked off and injured.

Just finished making a statement to the Police and they will be off to arrest the registered keeper shortly. He will spend some hours in a cell, have his day disrupted, could be charged with or cautioned for assault, will have his driving details checked (insurance/licence/tax) and action taken on that front if needed. Quite satisfied with that really. What a tosser!

This has resulted in me getting a new toy - a bullet (point of view) camera to attach to my bike/person. After the recent incidents of almost being run of the road and now this, it could well prove extremely useful in the future. Will also be great for my bike tour in the summer and for skiing in the winter. Look out for some video coming to Middle Age Cyclist soon.

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