Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Pennine Cycleway Ride 2010

This is the route of the Pennine Cycleway I am cycling July 2010. It is 355 miles long and I intend to complete it in 5-7 days, camping along the way. I will be tweeting about the trip as I am doing it and you will be able to  read them on this blog. If you know the route and can suggest any places worth visiting or staying at then I would be very interested hearing from you. Leave a comment or drop me an email here.

While I am doing the ride for fun I am also hoping to raise some money for, and awareness of, The Marfan Trust at the same time. The charity is very small and does not have a 'Just Giving' affiliation at the moment as this costs them. If you wish to sponsor me (even a small amount) the charity does accept donations at its website. Please leave me a comment if you do this so I can thank you. All the money I raise will be going to the charity. My trip is entirely self funded.

Oh, you can zoom into the map for more detail if you wish.

Pennine Cycleway - National Route 68


  1. I wish you luck - looks like quite a ride. North-south or the other way round?

    And what's the bike you'recurrently buying in Amsterdam? I'm intrigued.

  2. Nick

    I am starting at Derby and heading north along the hilly spine of England.

    The bike is a Santos TravelMaster. I could have got one in England and would have done so if my employer got their finger out and started a cycle to work scheme. As they hadn't the price of going to Amsterdam compared to a train journey and overnight stay to Cambridge or London was insignificant. The benefit of going Dutch was getting the advice and support of Eric from the Holiday Biker shop - someone who really tours on these kind of bikes and offered some great advice about components and set up.



  3. Hi Darrell

    That route looks great - far nicer than cycling up the A6 from Birmingham to Edinburgh like I did! I must add it to my route list...

    Looking forward to hearing about the ride - and the new bike - I've just donated some money to the Marfan Trust as encouragement!