Sunday, 27 June 2010

Whatever The Weather

Typical Cyclist Tan Lines
The long range BBC weather forecast (always with a pinch of salt) is looking good. Will need that sunscreen for sure. 
Monday 28 June 2010 to Sunday 4 July 2010
A hot start to the week will continue in England, Wales and often Scotland and Northern Ireland. Atlantic fronts are still likely to attempt entry into the northwest of the UK but will lose most of their rain before they reach land. Nevertheless sometimes cloudy and breezy weather will affect the northwest.
Monday 5 July 2010 to Sunday 18 July 2010
Even more of the same...Except that this time the Atlantic fronts are held even further at bay: Scotland and Northern Ireland should enjoy more of the sunny and warmer weather. Some showers are still possible which may be thundery. Temperatures, of course, look likely to remain above normal.

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