Wednesday, 20 October 2010

The Cycling BUG

I attended the inaugural meeting of the Bicycle User Group (BUG) at my hospital site this evening. There were a total of seven people including the Travel and Access Manager and myself. Although not a great turnout considering the hundreds of people employed on the site, there was plenty of enthusiasm and a willingness to try and move cycling higher up the agenda and press for better on site facilities.

We decided our main objectives should be:
  1. To press for better, secure cycle storage
  2. To encourage the implementation of a cycle to work scheme (long awaited)
  3. To promote cycling as a healthy activity for a healthy workforce
  4. To start a 'bike buddy' system for new cyclists
  5. To press for separate toilet and shower facilities for any new site buildings
We also hope to establish some links with local cycle shops and get a reduction on kit for BUG members and on a social agenda encourage BUG members to enter the Manchester SkyRide in 2011 as an identified group.

Plenty for me to help out with and nice to know our Travel and Access Manager actually cycles to work!

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