Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Winter Preparation

Last year I took a tumble on some black ice while cycle commuting to work - the iced banana episode. Apart from this I loved my winter commute and arrived feeling alive and refreshed at work. Because I work shifts I cycle at silly times so it is inevitable I will be on the road in the crappiest winter road conditions. I decided to do my best to prepare for this years challenge and hopefully avoid any further such incidents. 

Schwalbe Marathon Winter studded tyres
I cycle a variety of side and main roads and previous conditions were a mix between ice, black ice, slush, snow (powder and compact) and clear tarmac. A quick bit of Google research to see which tyres were best suited came up with Schwalbe Marathon Winter studded tyres. These can run at different pressures and are OK on tarmac alone - essential for the variable conditions we have in the UK. I ordered some last night from Bike24 in Germany as I couldn't find any in stock in the UK. 

Now the decision is should I get some body armour as well?


  1. Maybe something like martial arts would be good as falling practice instead of body armour. It might help you to land in a less damaging way and also generally get your body used to being slammed around a bit. Plus you get to learn a martial art.

  2. It' not the fall/slide on the road that bothers me so much as the collision with something solid and in the way like a parked car, lamppost or worse still an oncoming vehicle.

    Not sure knowing how to do a Judo roll will be of any help there. Main thing is not to fall in the first place me thinks.

    Cheers anyway :)