Thursday, 6 January 2011

The Amazing Invisible Cyclist

It never ceases to amaze me how a yellow HiViz jacket and two bright front and two bright rear LEDs (one flashing, one solid in each direction) can render a cyclist just about invisible - able to move about through the general car driving population without raising the slightest suspicion of actually being there. Incredible really when you come to think about it!


  1. eeek! Bet the driver was still asleep! (guess it was your morning commute?!)

  2. @naturallycyclingmanchester

    I was going home after a rocking 12 hr night shift so no reason I should be tired or lacking concentration. Must give the poor driver some leeway as it was only 08.00hrs and she must still have been a little sleepy and waking up for the day ahead. JUST THE STATE TO BE DRIVING A TON OF METAL ABOUT THE PUBLIC HIGHWAY THEN!!!!

    (please forgive the caps, exclamation marks and the sarcasm) ;-)

  3. I've had quite a few of those, never quite sure if it was a case of not seeing me, or seeing me, noticing I was "only" a cyclist and not caring about cutting me up.

  4. I'm amazed you didn't shout something at the driver. Do you wear a camera for all your journeys btw. And what equipment do you use to do it? Expensive?

  5. Andrew

    I am attempting to maintain a calm manner in my dealings with all motorists. I alarmed myself recently by losing my rag and calling an inept female driver a 'stupid cunt' after she had very nearly ran me off the road. My reaction shocked me nearly as much as her driving and I didn't like it at all. Hence the attempt at a more laid back approach.

    I'm not totally unflappable by any means and I did swear under my breath as I realised what was about to happen on this occasion. What the camera doesn't show was my hand sign - placing my index and middle fingers just below my eyes - which I think it pretty obvious when seen in context, meaning to keep your eyes open and to look around. Her reaction? mouthing 'fuck off' at me.

    I get more satisfaction using the camera footage to display the appalling standards of some drivers than mouthing off at someone. Who knows it may even come in very handy one day if involved in an accident/road rage incident (will still do my best to avoid one though as not that desperate for video footage!).

    Your question about the camera is not the first and as I've had a mixed experience with the set up I think my reply will be in the form of a post with a pic or two thrown in. Expect it soon!

  6. no worries about the sarcasm or capitals :D I cycled home once after a 24hr day at work (I kid you not) and I was fine, while plenty drivers at 8am were a true liability and I guess most of them, if not all, had a good night sleep...

    The other problem I think it's at the route of the problem for incidents like this (I lost count of my experience), is that many drivers foolishly think they are faster than a bike and then s&*t themselves out and the cyclist when they realise they are slower than a tortoise and cause damage...