Sunday, 2 October 2011

Bicycling Breakthrough

A proud Dad (and Mum) announce their one and only Golden Child can now officially (and with ease) ride her biycle without stabilizers and not only that but can also start and stop by herself. She will be getting a new, bigger, lighter, geared bike for Chrimbo'. Well done Golden Child!


  1. Well done, any interesting comments from the new rider ?

  2. Very pleased for all 3 of you :)

    For the benefit of the Golden Child (not the manufacturers), have you looked at Islabikes ?
    They're amazing bikes, usually accompanied by happy riders with huge smiles.

    Try not to be put off by their higher prices - they're really high quality bikes that last and fit/stretch very well. And they sell on eBay for up to 90% of the new price!

    Cheers, Jonathan.

  3. David and Ian

    Thanks for your nice comments.


    She is very pleased with herself but no particular comments apart from asking to see the videos.


    I am looking at various bikes and am aware of Islabikes great reputation. I am quite taken with the Puky Skyrider 20-3 at present but we will be trying a few out.

    Reports to follow!

  4. Yay! Congrats :D Remember talking about it during our last Wheelers Brunch! Proud moment indeed! I still remember when I first pedalled without stabilisers :)