Monday, 12 March 2012

More Vehicular Cycling Reality

09.20 hrs on 12/03/12.

Even when the roads are not choked with traffic, the cycling infrastructure doesn't make it easy. That and drivers with absolutely no regard for other road users.

The video shows it all really.

*it appears not all cyclists share my feelings*


  1. Pretty baaad!

    Thing is on a fast road such as that, a mere 'British Standard' crappy cycle lane isn't nearly enough.

    You are basically squeezed into a narrow lane, as is the van. It only takes a lapse of concentration from either of you to put you in danger.

  2. I have to be honest, I switch off when cyclists on Cyclechat use "cyclecraft" in their response. I'm not a "vehicular cyclist" and don't want to be. I'm pretty OK cycling in traffic, but it'll never be enjoyable.
    Given the option, I'd choose riding on a DECENT segregated path every time.

    The van driver was an idiot - hope the police take him to task for his driving!

  3. I'm afraid that's drivers like that will always blame anyone and everyone else apart from themselves for what happened. I doubt very much that you had any influence to the way he drives.

    BTW, you need to do something to make your videos lighter. Perhaps pointing the camera downwards by a few degrees, so that it sees less of the sky might help.

  4. What was the Police Response ? Did they prosecute? Lucky you weren't assaulted,some drivers can get v agressive and threatening.