Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Back Blogging

Well, I've not blogged for quite some time so I thought I best do a quick update before I lose the habit all together.

It's not that I don't have any cycling stuff to blog about. I've actually got a fair list of issues I could blather on about. The main problem is I've just been too busy. You see we have been house hunting and working extra to get as much for a deposit as possible. We have now found somewhere so some of the pressure has eased for the moment at least.

The house (fingers crossed) will give us a garden for the Golden Child, a guest bedroom and, for me particularly, a garage/shed/workshop type area! My own dedicated bike storage and general tinkering area. Really excited.

The list of cycling things I hope to be writing about soon are as follows (this is as much to spur me on as whet your appetites!)
  • Being knocked off my bike and taken to hospital on a spinal board (ouch!)
  • Police and legal action following the above
  • Cycling the Way of the Roses with some family (one of them on a Brompton)
  • Adaptations of the Pedalpower+ battery unit
  • Riding the new MTB trail at Philips Park, Prestwich
  • Cycling with the Golden Child on the Tagalong
  • A possible new bike for the missus (is this a more acceptable term than wifey?)
  • Cycle tour plans for September 2012 in Wales
  • Cycling the Manchester to Blackpool NIGHT ride in September
Hope to write again soon.


  1. The other half of my marriage is referred to as.....


  2. She who must be obeyed
    welcome back and good luck with the house hunting