Friday, 11 January 2013

Blog Resurrection

After a long dormant period I've decided to come back to my blog, dust off the cobwebs and settle down to entertain/bore you a little more. "Why does he want to do that?" I hear you mutter. Well, I feel I've got something actually worth blogging about that some people might find interesting. You see, come this summer I'm going to attempt something I have no certainty of completing and which will no doubt stretch me physically further than I have been stretched before. I have only gone and got a place on the London-Edinburgh-London (LEL) audax - a 1400km ride which has to be completed in just shy of 5 days. For those imperially minded folks that's about 180 miles per day. 

I will be blogging about my training plans, setbacks and milestones on the way, a new dedicated audax bike, etc., etc. My initial plans are to up my average weekly mileage from about 60 miles to around 100 miles, make sure I ride at least 1 x 100+ mile ride per month and complete an audax SR series prior to LEL. My first 100+ mile ride is scheduled for next week (if the weather plays ball) when I am leading a ride from Manchester to Blackpool and back but going a hilly way rather than following the flatter charity route. 

Will write again soon.

The LEL 2013 Route


  1. Welcome back!
    Been wondering how long you'd have been able to stay away! :-D

    Anyway, wow, that's quite a challenge. Riding 180 miles in a day is a good achievement for many, but doing it everyday, five days in a row? That's got to hurt a bit!

    Best of luck and I'll be following your progress with interest.

    1. Well. If you are going to do a challenge you might as well make it a decent one I think!

  2. Welcome back! I am sorry I hadn't read your last post as so I didn't know about your accident. Hope to see you again soon, Wheelers' Brunch is meeting this month, in case you are interested in joining us.


  3. Well this is a nice surprise! Glad you're back, I look forward to reading about your preparation for this mission. If I can help with any London-y random stuff you might need, just ask!