Friday, 2 October 2009

It's going to be a Santos

A Brixton Cycles employee?

Well October is here and I have a new job. Still with the same employer but also with a promotion so happy to stay put for the next few years (if I hadn't have got the job I would have been looking at other prospects in the area). The only problem is I am still waiting for my employer to start the cycle to work scheme! I'm going to give it a few months and try to apply some pressure in the meantime but if it still not up and running by 2010 I'll just bite the bullet and buy without any assistance.

A downside of the new job (there aren't many if any colleagues are reading) is I have changed to a different location and have cut my 13 mile return commute with hills to a 6 mile, flattish route. A shorter commute and less hilly - what a bonus I can imagine some people thinking! Those of you that enjoy your cycling though will know 3 miles is barely a warm up and without a hill or two there is little aerobic challenge. Still, it's a small price to pay for the promotion and as the Golden Child has just started Nursery School five mornings a week the wife and I have some extra 'non child care time' that can be utilised as needed. Looks like I will be looking for some fun routes to do.

Pretty much decided on a Santos Travelmaster for the new bike. 700cc wheel size, aluminum frame in pearl white, a Rohloff hub gear system and Magura hydraulic rim brakes. There are only four dealers in the UK according to Santos website. The nearest to me, in Ilkley, only deals in Santos tandems and the remaining three are all down south; Brixton Cycles in south London, MSG Bikes on the south coast and Ben Hayward Cycles in Cambridge. Despite having the least slick website and not offering (demanding?) a computerised, pre order measurement service at the shop (so needing at least two visits), I have decided to go with Brixton Cycles. It is the easiest/cheapest to get to by train and I had a really good chat with one of the guys there. He sounded pretty switched on and has ridden a Travelmaster for a few months and so could advise from experience.

It's going to be an exciting Christmas!


  1. Hi Darrell

    How much is all that going to cost? I find the idea and spec appealing, but worry what the missus will think - especially with our own Golden Child on the way...



  2. Matthew

    About 2K with the Rohloff (gulp!)

    I keep reminding myself; we are not getting a 2nd car as I am cycling to work, I work really, really hard, the bike will last for as long as I look after it, I am in my 40s, I am solvent.

    My wife is behind me 100% as well. She trusts me not to spend money unwisely and also to buy the right thing. I have't quite got round to telling the full cost yet but she has a good idea I think.

    It isn't essential though. My Marin would no doubt see me well on the Pennine Cycleway but I really want to treat myself to something shiney and nice and new. Who can blame me?

    Damn you sir for creating disharmony in my carefully arranged 'reasons why i should buy a new bike' section of my daily musings. Damn you!

    Cheers for now

  3. It sounds reasonable to me - those gears cost a fortune on their own, but that's because they're so good!

    Oh Lord, this is sorely tempting me to add to my own cycling menagerie (road, mountain and piece of junk for the shops!). I'm thinking of doing US coast-to-coast and you'd need something really good for that - although I probably won't get the chance for years as our first sprog arrives in February.

    I'm impressed that your Mrs is behind you on this, I find it best not to mention prices to mine...

  4. My wife is great!

    She has the car for her use and so is not bothered we don't have a second. I would rather have a really, really nice bike and one really, really nice car (due next year on a 3 year lease) then have one nice car and a second, cheapish 'runaround'.

    She also knows the cycling is good for my long term health and wants me around for many years to come she says.

    Marriage can be good and don't I know it!!

  5. While I tend to like my bikes in different shapes, I have to say that the Santos bikes do look rather good. And Rohloff hubs are a joy to use. It'll be a great bike to ride.