Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Reflective Reflections

Cycling home from work at 22.00hrs in October. Some street lighting but it is dark.  I am wearing a HiViz/yellow jacket, have a refective band around my helmet, reflective strips are stuck to various points on my bike, my panniers have big reflective patches and I have two front and two rear flashing lights. I have been told I look like a Christmas tree but personally I believe I am much more jarring than that!

Passing a road side pub. Several men stood outside smoking and drinking. Abuse and profanities shouted towards me. None returned.

I stand out. They are in a group and have likely imbibed a considerable amount of alcohol (and so feel brave on both counts). They are prats.

I am noticed by drunken men when I am cycling at night. I feel a little safer.

1 comment:

  1. Safer? Yes, I suppose... so long as abuse and profanities are not agressive. I don't generally ride that late and I suppose the 'mood' of the city does change with time of the day - my usual cycle back is between 5-7pm, so pubs not so busy then, even on Fridays. I've been sprayed with some sort of confetti once (then had the empty can thrown at me - 11yo kids) and I've been chased once by a teenager looking for a fight (I didn't give him one, he moved on).