Tuesday, 2 February 2010

New Bike Ordered

Placed an order and paid a deposit for the new bike last week. Got fed up trying to persuade my employers to sign up for the cycle to work scheme so went ahead without their help (thanks!). As I wasn't using the scheme I chose to order it from Eric in Amsterdam at the Holiday Biker shop. I can get there for only a little more than going to London plus I get advice from someone who really tours on bicycles. He has been a star.

So what did I choose in the end? Well I have gone for Santos Travel Master (26" wheel size) aluminium frame in Gun Metallic with silver lettering. Options chosen are: a black Brooks B17 saddle, Shimano XT components generally including V brakes, a Rohloff Hub Gear and I opted to have a chain rather than a new Carbon Belt Drive (I was tempted by the new belt system but was not persuaded it was worth an extra 500 Euros!!). I am going to make the final choice on pedals and handlebars at the shop but am starting out with standard Santos pedals and a multi position "butterfly" bar paired with Ergon grips.

It should be ready in 5 weeks and the earliest I can collect is April. I'm going to have an overnight stop in Amsterdam, a few hours at the shop and cycling round Amsterdam before packing it in a box for my return flight. Really excited!


  1. Darrell,
    What a stonking great bike to look forward too..not ridden a Santos but i've been commuting 170 miles a week for about 7 months on a Thorn Raven Sport with a verrry similar set up and without sounding too pretentious, it's revolutionised my cycling - You won't be disappointed!!
    [..AND a night in Amsterdam to boot? You're really spoiling yourself..]
    Good luck.

  2. Hello hudson510

    170 miles a week? wow! I work 3 days or 4 nights in any one week so my new (shorter) commute only nets me 24-32 miles where my previous job provided 39-52 miles. I am building in other miles where I can so my weekly total travel is about 80 miles at the moment. Lots of respect to you. So you are about 17 miles from your workplace then, assuming you work 5 days per week?

    I am really excited by the new bike - great for commuting and the perfect steed for touring. It is a mid life crisis thing but my wife indulges me as it: a) isn't a motorbike (I have the full license but don't want to worry her), b) keeps me healthy and c) means she has the car when she wants it and we don't need a second "runaround".

    Do you have a Rohloff hub gear then? Do you like it? I am taking a shot in the dark really but am confident having read lots about them and talked to a few people who have used one. Time will tell anyway.

    Amsterdam will be nice but I am happily married and my worst drug is Scotch. What could you mean?

    Out of interest, how did you come across my blog?



  3. Hi Darrell

    Sorry I missed this post, our baby was just about to pop then!

    I too have decided on a new tourer, but I'm going for a Cannondale Touring Ultra, which is basically a mountain bike tuned up for touring - it comes with lockout-able front suspension, Tubus rack, Brooks B17 saddle, hydraulic rim brakes (my disk brakes get too hot on descents) and Ergon grips.

    I've been looking at some specialist touring bikes, such as the Santos and Thorn, but I'm a little limited as I want flat bars for touring. After a lot of thought, and reading some reviews, I've decided that I'm happy with the Cannondale.

    I would have loved to buy the Rohloff version but it's an extra £1,000. Much as I love the idea, I've never had a problem with a derailleur in tens of thousands of miles of cycling, so I would have been letting my heart rule my head!

    I'm off to take a look at the bike tomorrow after a meeting in London. It's last year's model, so should get a good price. Hope I like it.

    Then I'll be selling my current mountain bike which I've been using for touring, plus various other bits of hifi/guitar stuff to cover the cost.

    Having said that, I just got a big tax rebate, so I could have really painted the town red with a custom bike! After all, I hope to use this new bike to cycle America coast-to-coast in a few years time...