Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Police Crackdown On Cyclists

Police in London are targeting lawbreaking cyclists according to the BBC Inside Out (London) programme broadcast on 22 February 2010 (available here for a few days only).

I have been known to go through a red light or two in my time but only when stuck at one of those traffic activated, induction loop controlled junctions at 06.30hrs, there is no other traffic about and my presence has not triggered the green in my favour. There you go. I admit my guilt. Saying that, while I don't routinely RLJ, with road planning favouring the motorist and cycling infrastructure being somewhat lacking in the UK I understand why some cyclists do. I believe though if you are using the road you should stick to the law as it stands - even if it is an ass. Failure to do so just weakens your position when trying to argue for better provision.

Some of the cyclists shown were riding recklessly  - mounting the pavement at speed and cycling through pedestrians on crossings and so could easily have caused injuries. This programme demonstrated though how easy it is for all cyclists to be tarred with the same brush as others were not disregarding or breaking any code or law. The tone of the article was still anti-cyclist despite this.

I just wonder though how many injuries or fatalities the driver of the blue truck could have caused and why all bad driving and law breaking is not being addressed by the Met'?

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