Monday, 18 April 2011

100+ Miles Mini Cycle Tour

Missus and Golden child are away with family for a few days while I have to work. Had two consecutive days off so decided on a two day cycle-camping trip. It's a hard life. 

Day one from Manchester to Hebden Bridge, mainly along the the Rochdale Canal and then the climb up o'er moors to Haworth. Wild camping that night at Wuthering Heights.

Day Two an earlier start with an absolutely gorgeous morning. First an off road route to Wycoller and then on to Colne for a surprise visit to my Aunty. After this nice little interlude I climbed up to Newchurch in Pendle before dropping back to the Leeds-Liverpool canal for a winding, bumpy route to Chorley where I gained speed but also traffic on the A6 back to Manchester. 

109 miles in all and not a drop of rain. Lovely!


  1. Sounds like a nice way to get away from it all :>)

    Have to say that the video is fantastic Darryl - all credit to ya. I watched it on Vimeo, full screen with the HD on & the quality is superb!

    02:50 Dgggadgggadggga...*rattling teeth*

    05:19 V.Nice sequence

    05:35 - 06:23 Wheeeeee!

    The wild camping looks like fun. Have you ever had any bother or do you pick your pitches carefully?

  2. @Ian

    Thanks for the nice comments.

    I am just learning how to shoot and edit to show an interesting story. I got a fair bit more footage and also missed some interesting stuff as well. Looking back I see I need to get more incidental stuff i.e. wheels/pedals turning, brakes being applied, handlebars being turned and also could use more stills and footage of me actually riding the bike. It's getting the balance between cycling the miles and becoming a 'film-maker' which is a time consuming process.

    Done a fair bit of camping but this was the first time 'wild camping'. I thought I had the place to myself and was making tea when a couple walked over the hill. She was wearing pink slippers!! They were wild camping on the hill top out of sight of the path. Didn't have nay bother on this occasion - arrived late, left early and with no trace (apart from some slightly flattened grass).

    Good fun and will do some more again.