Wednesday, 27 April 2011

A New Bike?

Here is the missus having just tried out a 15" Claude Butler Kensington. 

She liked the ease of the hub gears, the step through frame and the 'comfy' saddle but was disconcerted to have some front wheel toe overlap when she wobbled at the start. This was not helped because she was placing the arch of her foot on the pedal rather than the ball. However it happened this put her off and it is fair to say she was not blown away by the bike. 

She is leaving the final decision on which new steed she should have to me (thanks).

The search goes on!

The Missus and Golden Child (with protected identities as requested)


  1. How about the Real Ladies' Classic from Halfords for £240?

  2. @Pete

    I've looked at various 'classic' or 'dutch' style bikes and this one seems very nice. It only comes in a 19" frame though and I doubt this would fit her 4'10" petite frame. It's also from Halfords so would I have to rebuild the thing after buying it I wonder?

    Next time i'm at the retail park i'll pop in for more details but for now the search goes on.

    Anyone else got fresh suggestions? Nigel is letting us look at his folder soon and I would be keen to try out a Raleigh Twenty for size as well. Any offers?

  3. Hi!

    Has she tried the Pashley Princess or Britannia (or Poppy)? The 17'' frame should fit her perfectly. (Mine is the 20'', otherwise would have been more than happy for her to try it!)

    Also, have you seen the Viva bikes at Evans? The mixte looks especially nice and rather light too!

    Still haven't found a shopper bike for my mum either, so my search continues as well!

    Good luck! :D x

  4. oh and this...

    from Edinburgh Bicycle Coop, 16'' frame :)

  5. I can second the Pashley suggestion. They are a bit more expensive but you get hub gears/brakes & a dynamo on some models.

    My better half has a 17" frame - to give you an idea she is 5'3", the saddle is raised 2.5" & her inside leg measures about 26".

    We also have a Twenty and...well you don't need to worry about a lack of adjustment with one of those!