Monday, 2 May 2011

The Good And The Bad

Update 03/05/11

Been informed on a cycle forum the split isn't a split with the suggestion it may not be that serious:
 "That isn't a split as such. It's a piece that's broken away where the ends are butted together to form a hoop."
And then by someone else:
"The spokes are compressing the rim and squeezing the 2 sides of the gap together, so it's not going to come apart or anything. Probably the most likely problem would be chafing of the tyre sidewall, and I doubt the gap is big enough for that to be a real problem. Rims have only been welded over the last 12-13 years or so. Before that, all rims joints were just pinned or sleeved in the box section cavity, with the flanges just butting together. Some still are."
So what do I do? Leave it and monitor? Replace it just to be sure?

Some wheel issues the last few weeks. One pretty good and one not so good.

I decided to get a SON dynamo hub for the front wheel. For two reasons really, 1) I can run a really nice bright LED light for my autumn/winter commute, which is just what you need in April onwards! and, 2) because I can recharge my electrical gizmos (phone, GPS, bulletcam, etc) on the go when I am cycle-camping.
A SON 28 dynohub

 I contacted MrC who was going to do the wheel build for me and then sourced the hub and rim I wanted. I was given a competive price for the components at Spa Cycles in Harrogate but they gave me an even better price for the lot if I got the wheel built by them. The guy on the phone said it was a discount offer they were doing and "...did I want it or not?" So on the spur of the moment I ordered a complete built wheel and it was delivered within a week. Very happy with it except for one thing - they overcharged me. 

The owner/manager denied any knowledge of the "discount offer". He was a gruff and rude and basically told me to send it back if I wasn't happy. Not the best customer service in the World but that is what i've heard about Spa Cycles on the forums so not really surprised. It's still a good price but I don't like being quoted one and then charged another and really don't like being made out to be mistaken or maybe even telling fibs (I clarified the discount offer price twice when I was given it). I doubt very much i'll be using them for anything again. Should have stuck with MrC as he was even going to demonstrate the dark art itself over a beer!

Well that was actually the good thing. The not so good thing was I noticed a small split in the rear rim when I was changing the brake pads. As the wheel is true, the spokes are all tight and there is no rim bulging I thought at first it might just be cosmetic but having cleaned the rim off and deflated the tyre I can see it is full thickness and follows a join. So that is another new rim needed and a rebuild with the Rohloff hub. Aaahhh!!

A split on a 26" Rigida Andra 30 32h rim with Rohloff hub
Who says cycling is cheap? Anyone interested in making me an offer for a used 26" Rigida Sputnik 36h touring front rim with just some normal brake wear built on a Shimano XT hub all with less than 3000 miles on it?


  1. Oh the joys of plugging a recording device into the telephone here, and having the option of playing back their conversation at a later date


  2. @Downfader

    You record all your conversations? Previous bad experience or just a deep seated mistrust of everyone? LOL!