Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Wheely Good News

A visit to the local bike shop with the 'split' rim has confirmed it is nothing to worry about. Trevor at the LBS told me he often gets new rims with bigger pieces missing at the join. It doesn't cause any weakness and is nothing to worry about he says. Nice to get some honest advice. I hope he is right.

I have to wonder why I never noticed it from new though and if it  happened at some point over the last 12 months might it not just get worse? Anyway, I have decided to keep using it and monitor closely for the time being. If it gets bigger I will replace it. I just hope it doesn't fail on my weeks holiday in Wales!


  1. Looking at your picture your wheel is of the welded join type, I can see the join running around. The join is in the right place, between spokes and should be opposite the valve.
    Personally you have not got a bit missing; you have a crack, a weld failure. The stress at the bottom of this crack where it ends will be large. Better you drilled a hole there !!!!!
    Check the spoke tension by “Ringing” them if you have had the wheel built, though stress caused by spoke tension should not transmit to the rim by a large amount.
    Do you have rim brakes? Did the rim have a wear groove? If so, the wear groove has gone and the rim is weak.
    Personally I would bin the wheel especially if you load the bike – which I know you do.

  2. Hi Brian

    The spokes are all well tensioned, the wheel is true and there is very little brake wear (there is no wear groove on this rim). I am going to monitor it closely and if it gets any bigger will replace it.

    Trevor was quite sure it would not lead to any failure and he is a good bike mechanic. Time will tell I suppose!

  3. I read on a forum somewhere that you're using the Super-i-Cable. How do you like it? And does it survive a downpour? Curious minds want to know... Thanks!


  4. Hi Patrick

    I have indeed taken delivery of a Super-i-Cable recently. It was fitted to the bike and hub last night and will be used in anger from today.

    A post will be made within the next week or so. Curious minds will be satisfied!

  5. Fantastic. Thanks! I'm curious to hear how it performs and how it does in the rain. Does it look fairly waterproof? Happy testing!