Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Wet And Windy Mini Cycle Tour

Recently returned from a two day mini cycle tour to Merseyside. I planned a route to collect all six British Cycle Quest checkpoints for the region. I also wanted to try out my new Super-i-Cable (SIC) charging unit. The weather forecast wasn't great but it was accurate - The Wet and Windy Mini Cycle Tour!

Anyway, I got all the checkpoints, gave the SIC a good trial, cycled 119 miles, broke 1 bottle cage, had my first puncture running Schwalbe tyres in over 3200 miles, failed to rendevous with Lorenza who was doing the Manchester-Liverpool cycle ride on her Pashley, got condensation in the bullet cam, gave up trying to find somewhere to wild camp and used the credit card instead, found Haribo Super Mix is a great energy boost and, to cap it all, decided to get the train the last 20 odd miles back to Manchester because I really couldn't face any more miles of suburban uniformity, heavy traffic and crap cycling infrastructure in the cold and wet.

Still, I had a good time. The Vimeo effort really reflects the lack of filming and photography I did. It was either too wet, too windy or I was too cold. Well, Plato did suggest necessity is the mother of invention!


  1. Well done Darrell! A great effort!! That weather was awful, ok for 40 miles but 119miles... We got caught in that downpour too, as we approached the scariest, massive roundabout in Widnes I had ever seen... some people, understandably so, were petrified!

    As I continue to build on my stamina for longer rides, one day, I may join you on a mini tour! Riding in a group definitely helps in boosting energy levels... especially during a wet and windy ride lol!

    PS - Thanks again for your sponsorship support! Much appreciated :)

  2. Oh you have to remember my 119 miles was over 2 days and I gave in to the weather in the end!