Friday, 26 August 2011

Good Vibrations's really rather good
When I started cycling for fun and adventure rather than just to commute, I decided to tackle the 355 mile Pennine Cycleway as a challenge to myself. I looked around for info on the route and that is how I came across a blog by Andrew Sykes. Andrew had cycled the route partly in preparation for a longer cycle tour he was then planning. He was kind enough to give me some useful advice and also lent me his maps.

Well, he has now done his big tour from Reading (UK) to Brindisi (Italy) along the Eurovelo 5. He blogged about the trip at the time and then went one step further and turned his adventure into a book. I have just purchased a copy and I must say it's really rather good.

If you are intested in the Eurovelo network or want to know how far Andrew cycled or find out why the bike is called Reggie or how he had the time to do it and keep down a full time job or why the book is called Good Vibrations or lots of other things, well I'm not going to tell you. You'll just have to buy the book too. Well worth it for any cycle tourists out there.

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