Monday, 6 February 2012

First Snow Commute 2012

Well the snow came to most parts of the UK on 4 February and, as predicted by many, a few inches of the white stuff brought motoring misery for lots of drivers. I was at work when it started and the majority of staff coming in for the night shift were delayed. Not directly because of the snow but indirectly because a fair number of other drivers were unable to continue on their journeys and simply abandoned their cars. It does make me chuckle every year.

I got home in the fresh stuff on the bike with no problems. However, I changed my Schwalbe Marathon tyres for the Schwalbe Marathon Winter studded tyres in readiness for the next days return early morning commute. Took about 35 minutes all told. 

I was concerned the gritted, slushy roads would freeze overnight and make life on two wheels pretty risky. As it transpired the main roads were clear and the side roads were not too bad either. The studded tyres worked well though and I was able to put more power onto the road and corner more confidently than I would have done otherwise. 

As I am writing this on 6 February, most of the roads are now clear of snow and I was able to take the Golden Child to her Rainbows group on the tagalong. I will keep the studded tyres fitted for the next week or so. They run fine on tarmac (if a little noisy) and the cold weather is set to continue for a while longer I understand. There may be more snow yet and don't intend to get caught out.

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  1. I'd really love some of those studded tyres for my DL-1, but they only make them in 559 and 622. Having said that, once I get used to the snow and ice, I don't have much trouble with the Delta Cruisers.