Thursday, 2 February 2012

Flashy Stuff

I'm getting there! 

Some dark-time messing on the way home from work tonight with: my Santos Travelmaster, lots of cycle lights and reflective stuff, and a camera/flash/tripod combo.

It's not quite what I want but the exposure information is useful. Expect more!

Click for bigger picture

Nikon D5000 with Nikon 12-24 mm DX AF-S f/4 zoom at 12 mm
Exposure: 6 sec // Aperture: f/5 // ISO: 800 // White Balance: Auto // Rear curtain flash
Photoshop: Crop. Levels. Minimal clone stamp to remove lens flare. Sharpening


  1. Replies
    1. Great! Limited edition prints available now. Going quickly...

  2. Light trail photography is always cool. I have a good one from the D70 days of a local road one winter in a rain storm somewhere.