Sunday, 17 July 2011

Becoming a MAMIL

I think it's going to happen. Maybe not this year but likely quite early in 2012, I will join the ranks of the MAMIL's! (Middle Aged Men In Lycra). Gasp, Shock, Horror!!

The Blackpool cycle was the turning point. There are three reasons. 1. I now know I can hold my own with many club roadies out there, 2. I had a great time cycling in a group, and 3. I want to get under 4 hrs for the Blackpool cycle next year. 

The only place I can ride with lots of cyclists on a regular basis is by joining a local cycling club for weekend runs and also entering organised rides and that means a road bike. If I am going to increase my average mph I also need a lighter bike. A nice carbon bike is therefore required/justified and that means lycra to match it. No team colours though. I draw the line at that!

I have set myself a target before I make the leap though. My fitness has increased incredibly since I started cycling but my weight loss has become static over the last few months. I have decided I must lose 15 kg before I can treat myself. That will be 1 kg for every £100.00 I am willing to spend on the bike. This is the bargain I have made with the missus.

Now can I lose the 15 kg by Christmas? I've done 2 kg already this week but know it will slow down in the coming weeks and months. By going public I hope to motivate myself in the dark seasons ahead. Your support will be appreciated.

What a motivation though. Do you want to see my early possible contenders for a road bike? Going to show you anyway. Any other suggestions more than welcome. Happy cycling everyone.

The Cube Agree GTC Pro
The Boardman Team Carbon

The Felt Z6


  1. Good luck.

    I'm glad you've decided to buy the flashy bike after you've lost the weight, and not the other way round as many middle aged men do.

    As a middle aged cyclist who has never worn lycra it is slightly embarrassing to zoom past many unfit men of about my age on the latest brightly painted carbon fibre road bikes as I ride my scruffy old 531 steel tourer complete with mudguards and rack.

    I think it should be illegal for cycling shops to sell lycra clothes to men over 35 without them trying it on in the shop and viewing themselves in a full length mirror.