Saturday, 30 July 2011

Fully Focused

Done about 35 miles on the Focus Cayo 2.0 test bike to date. I've now got it well set up for me and it is a lovely, lovely ride. I thought about using it today when I went out with the family but that would have meant leaving it on the car for 3-4 hrs and chancing the weather. I decided to take the Travelmaster instead for a 15 mile return cycle from Hollingsworth Lake.

The bike will be packed up and returned next week. If I continue using it it's going to get scratched or blemished and then I would have to keep it. I think it may well be the bike I get in the end but I want to try a few out first and anyway, I can only spend what I lose - 1 kg = £100.00. So far I can only afford £300.00.

A few things have been confirmed. I know I'm more than happy with a compact ring rather than triple and have got used to integrated brakes and shifters. I've also found the correct position for the handlebar for me (it's a small sweetspot!). For the next test bike I'll choose one with 105 groupset rather than Ultegra. For the fun/club riding I intend I very much doubt, for me, that Ultegra is worth the extra premium. But I'll see!

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