Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Fun With The Golden Child

Don't worry. It's not all carbon road bikes from now on. I am still just as enthusiastic about other types of cycling.

I've been having fun the last few days with my daughter. She is so close to losing the stabilizers IMO but balks at any suggestion I remove them, even for a trial period. Difficult to bargain with a 5 year old when her mind is set and I'm not going to force her to give them up. She is happy with them and that is the main thing for me. I am disappointed because I would like to go for family bike rides with her and the missus, particularly while we have some Summer left. She used to love riding in a trailer buggy when she was smaller, which we hired on a couple of occasions, but she is getting too big for these now and I certainly don't want to buy one. 

My brother in law had a 'tagalong' to take his youngest out for rides. It is a saddle on a single wheel driven via a standard pedal/chain arrangement but no front wheel. Instead, at the front comes a pole which sports a handlbar. There is a hinge at the end and a clamp which fastens to a seatpost on an adult bike. The hinge moves up and down and left and right. I say he had one because his youngest has outgrown it and he got rid of it, luckily he did this when I asked him if I could borrow it. He just gave me it and said he was glad of the room! Thanks Andy.

My Marin hardtail has been chosen as the steed to pull this rather than the Santos. I miss being able to throw a pannier on for picnics, etc, but know I'm mainly going to be using it on trails and tracks with various grades of mud and stuff but generally in good weather. I can still take a small picnic and toolkit in my trail/hydration backpack. I also didn't want to have to move the seatpost mounted light on the Santos. I cut up an aluminium can to make a shim for the seatpost as it was a little loose without but apart from that and putting some air in the tyre it was ready to go. 

I suggested to the Golden Child we had a ride and she said yes (cautiously mind you. She's like that). We ventured to the park down the road from us and she loved it. Just a short trip the first time but when I asked her if we go further the next day she was over the moon. We went through a local park/clough and picked up National Route 6 along The Outwood Trail through Ringley Woods all the way to Radcliffe and back - a trip of 10 miles. She had a cracking time, pedalling some of the way and singing her heart out most of it.

View Tagalong Bike Ride in a larger map

The whole assembly with child handles much better than I expected. We have been leaning into corners and she isn't getting worried when we are going slowly. I thought it would wobble a fair bit but have not really found this an issue. I can pull it quite easily and only needed the small ring once to climb the hill up to the motorway bridge. I see it as good training really. Tissington Trail here we come. Just have to get her Mum as enthusiastic now!

Having an ice cream in the park


  1. FANTASTIC :D bike adventures with dads are the best! I still remember mine with my dad very fondly :D xxx

  2. Yessssssss great stuff! Enjoy the miles :>D

  3. Thanks for the comments guys. She is having a great time on her tagalong and I'm enjoying every minute of it too.