Monday, 16 January 2012

Cycle Touring USA

Yes. I will be off touring around Las Vegas in a few weeks time. :-)

Unfortunately I will be doing this in an RV and not on my bike :-(

Just five weeks in the USA - four around the South West and one in Florida. Me, the wifey and the Golden Child. Celebrating the Tenth Wedding Anniversary don't you know.

Now I am telling all you loyal followers this news to prepare you as this blog will pretty much go into hibernation for the duration. However, I have started a new blog  - Anniversary Big Trip - just for this family  adventure. And while it is not really a cycling blog, it may, perhaps, have a slight cycling bias at times.

Now, back to two wheeled self propulsion proper. Here is a great video of cycle touring around the US South West. The minimal narrative is not in English but it is worth watching just for the visual inspiration IMO. Enjoy.

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  1. Bon Voyage! If you head up north to the Philadelphia area, let me know. :)