Monday, 30 January 2012

Playing With The Kids

This week I have mainly been playing with cycle lights and my camera. 

I intend to get a wonderful trail of bicycle lights at night, exposed over several seconds, with my bicycle (and me) flash frozen at the head of the trails. That is what I intend but I still have a way to go before achieving this. 

I have managed to get this picture so far. While I was doing this I was accosted by a very drunk man who suggested I was a paedophile and informed me he was going to call the police (??because I had a camera and was taking a picture of a fountain??). Still, the exposure settings were useful and I realised I needed a darker location, bigger aperture and faster ISO to get the flash aspect to work as I want.

Light Trails Around The Fountain

The next night I went somewhere much darker to try again. While there I thought I would first get some video of my cycle lights in full glory. This I did. Unfortunately, I did not progress any further as I was accosted by several feral youths on BMX bikes who kept asking if they could "borrow my lights". I made very clear I was not going to give them anything they 'asked me' for but I might give them something else if they didn't Foxtrot Oscar. 

The accusation of paedophilia suddenly popped into my head along with a mental image of the local newspaper headlines shouting hysterically about a middle age cyclist bothering innocent little kids in the area. I then decided discretion is the better part of valour and promptly left. 

I will get my picture but will have to pick my locations and times very carefully or may get arrested first!


  1. Now you just need spokes/rim lights and you're sorted! :) btw does you rear light gets brighter as you break (i.e. like a car)?

    1. LC

      There is a point of going too far you know! Spoke lights!!

      As for the combined rear light and brake light, no it isn't. It is a pretty standard B&M Toplight Plus and not one of these.

      Dr C did tell me about them on our Floop ride (comparing our front lights - his Philips Saferide with my Schmidt Edelux) a while back.

      If I was in the market for a dynamo rear light now I would certainly get one. Maybe for my next bike...?

  2. Replies
    1. Pretty cool

      Got that. Nice.


      Not sure about that one. I'll take it as a reference to the self mocking humour in the post and thank the stars it's not Chauvinist arse! Is that OK?

      Thanks (I think).