Friday, 13 January 2012

A Nice Day Spoiled

Cycling back from work today - the first daytime cycle for a week - I ventured through Heaton Park. 

T'was a lovely ride; still, quiet, relaxed and bathed in a warm, rich light. Very pleasant. After the park I only had a short section on the road to home and it was three in the afternoon so not exactly peak rush hour. I wasn't anticipating much trouble but trouble comes when you least expect it I suppose

Coming up to a notorious pinch point in secondary, I let a few cars go ahead, glanced my shoulder and moved out to primary to travel through the pinch and then to pass some parked cars further on. Cue sounding of horn, verbal abuse and possibly even spitting from the passenger of a car which then passed me closely a few seconds later. I would have spoken to them at the red lights ahead but they decided they were not going to stop for those. Anyway, like I said, a lovely cycle apart from that. 

Now, am I correct in thinking these kind of people are called knobheads?


  1. Now, am I correct in thinking these kind of people are called knobheads?

    That & many other things ;>D

  2. Just be thankful you only had to suffer their boorishness and bad manners for a few seconds.

    Some poor sods will live or work with them for hours every day.

    1. Tis true Pete. There are some nasty individuals about and my few seconds with them was more than enough for me.

  3. Thankful might be going a bit far but I know what you mean - they'll probably be living like that 24/7.
    I used to get angry with such people, now I feel sorry for them, and relieved - partly because I'm not them, but mostly because they didn't try/succeed* to use their vehicle as a weapon.

    *select according to proximity and level of aggression/carelessness!

    Nice to know you enjoyed some pleasant cycling too, sounds like a nice ride overall :)

    Cheers, Jonathan.

    1. The relief I can heartily concur with but I am never, ever going to feel sorry for them Jonathan.

      I'm actually quite glad they jumped the red lights coz otherwise I was going to heartily remonstrate with them. A conditioned response of mine that is likely to get me into serious trouble one day!