Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Deer Oh Deer

And here is one of those Deer I mentioned on the previous post. The wide angle lens does not do the occasion justice. This was only 200-300 metres from the M60!


  1. Fantastic! There's supposed to be some not far from us along the railway & just as nervous as that one :>)

  2. @ian

    I have just been informed by a colleague it is a Silka Deer and it certainly had a white round tail as the Google images show. I wouldn't know one from another but it was great to chance across.

    We saw each other at the same time. It looked up, probably heard my tyres on the snow, and I saw it as it raised it's head. The speed and quietness with which it made it's escape was just amazing.

    The video does it no justice at all but it was a great, unexpected encounter and I just wanted to share it.