Monday, 27 December 2010

Snowy Cycle Path

Spending some time at the in-laws over the Christmas period and not wanting to vegetate completely I took a bike up with a plan to fit in a few short rides at least. Went out today and it wasn't the best experience. The main roads have ridges of slush running down the centre of each lane and every car that goes past you is forced to cross it to overtake you - not pleasant at all. The side roads do offer a much better environment with hard packed snow for the studs to bite into, no slush and very little other traffic about but they only go so far before needing to rejoin a main road for a while.

Leaving the motorised traffic behind though is not a great option as the cycle paths are absolutely atrocious. They have not been cleared at all and are full of lumpy, frozen footprints (who am I kidding? do I live in The Netherlands!!). This video shows a section of path along the A1 and is a main cycle route into Morpeth. No wonder I never saw one other cyclist while out and about.

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