Thursday, 23 December 2010

Painful...But Funny

Well even the Dutch cycling  infrastructure doesn't cope sometimes. It was this kind of ice that sent me to the ground last year. I hope my studded tyres would cope with it.

I tell you though if I knew this black (ice) spot was being filmed I would be furious with cameraman for allowing it to go on...and on. What a sadist, although if we are watching it does that make us complicit too?


  1. Just discovered your blog , and will be looking in from time to time. You say you are using studded tyres, how effective are they? I won't cycle while the snow and ice is about, had 5 painful falss in the last two years. All those falls on film seemed very gentle, compared to my experiences, or is it just that being an old fart, it feels so much more painful and so very very embarassing.

  2. Wicked but funny and I love the soundtrack, but like you say I wouldn't be laughing if I spotted myself on you've been framed.

  3. Wicked but yes, you have to laugh - guess there's something a bit slapstick about slipping on your arse!

    Very impressed with the guy at 1:37 for making it look easy :>D

  4. @welshcyclist

    Hi and welcome.

    They are very effective in hard packed snow and you really, really notice the difference on icy sections. Loose powder does not provide anything for the studs to bite into and although the tyres have treads they do slip a bit on this kind of surface. I am very happy with then and feel much more secure. 10/10!

  5. Hey Darrell - great blog really liked it - an inexpensive solution to studded tires are cable ties, I'm going to give them a try the next snowfall we have, if we have any.
    Ian in Vancouver

  6. An alternative DIY solution to snow tyres, or the cable-ties is to use pop-rivets.

    I think the best solution is a chunky tread with steel pop-rivets. That way they should work with snow and ice.

    Cable-ties don't work with rim brakes, but should be fine with hub / disk brakes.

    There's quite a lot out there about this.