Friday, 25 February 2011

15 cm From Death! - update

After my recent brush with death, I decided to contact the company and see what response I would get rather than report the matter to the police/HSE, at least in the first instance. I suggested the incident could be used positively to highlight how vulnerable cyclists are compared to HGVs and so improve driver training. I had a few return emails and the assurance they would discuss incident at a senior level and get back to me. They have now got back to me and I am not satisfied.

They tell me:
...our drivers undertake thorough training, their performance is regularly assessed and they must adhere to company policy and procedures. We invest time and money in our workforce to ensure the highest standards.

We have completed a detailed interview with our driver. He confirms that he tried to make every effort to leave as much of a wide berth as possible to go round you on this very busy A road. Our driver is a cyclist and motorcyclist himself and appreciates the difficulties you both sometimes face...
So, they already have great training standards, the driver went out of his way to avoid me and the road is to blame. That's all OK then. I'll see what the police and HSE have to say on the matter.

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  1. Sorry to hear that response. But sad to say, I am not greatly surprised.

    Hope you have more luck with the police and the HSE.