Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Manchester Cargo Bike

Anyway, on to something less morbid instead. 

I never thought I would see a 'cargo bike' with child on the streets of Manchester but here it is. If I see it again I will try to get some better footage and will even attempt to find out about the practicalities of its use on the tough streets of a not very cycle friendly city.


  1. I had a similar experience on Friday. I saw a guy cycle up the back streets in the city centre, park up at the racks on Market street and go do his shopping in aldi. He was on a red trike, I'm guessing it was a pashley cargo trike from the look of it. I didn't have time to stop and take a photo though unfortunately.

    I suppose if you are happy to stick almost entirely to the roads and know you won't have access to routes like the fallowfield loop or filter through traffic much then a cargo trike would be fine to use around Manchester. A hell of a lot cheaper than a small car and gauranteed to put a grin on the toddlers faces too.

  2. Since I've moved up from Croydon I've noticed quite a few people carrying children on bikes and trikes, a far more frequent sight in Manchester than it is in London.

    The cycling culture up here is much better than down south as far as I can see, almost as many women on bikes as men, and a more assertive use of the road space, especially from those dressed in normal clothes with a basket on the front of the bike.