Sunday, 13 February 2011

15 cm From Death!

A whole day to myself. I had arranged to cycle to some friends, meeting up with my wife and child there for the weekend. I thought I was never going to see them again. Worse 5 seconds of my life for a very, very long time. 

It is a Hargreaves Services Lorry. Pretty sure the registration is NJ09 GVU.  I intend to take it further but don't really hold out much hope. We'll see...

Monday, 14 February 2011

I have received an acknowledgement of my complaint from Hargreaves Services and should have a more detailed reply by the end of the week.

There has been quite a bit of discussion here and here about this incident if you want to follow it.


  1. Sorry for your bad experience. Just so I don't go there by accident, what was the name & number of the road?

    It looks like a 60 limit, far too fast for me.

  2. Frankly that driving is beyond the pale i hope you get satisfaction from the police and the employer

    I have 3 bikes one of which has a child's seat on the back the extra space i get when cycling that bike is astonishing Motorists make choices all the time the above one is not acceptable

  3. @amoeba

    It's the A556 Chester Road heading south. An alleged 50mph limit but somehow I doubt many were obeying it. Had been following a crap cycle path alongside for part of it but it had fizzled out. Won't be going this way again!

  4. Jesus! Was that first part actually a cycle lane? Anti-segregationists complain that things like the CEoGB will result in a De jure banning of cyclists from the rest of the road, but are cheerfully ignoring the fact that we are already De facto banned from many roads by behaviour such as this; as you said yourself, you won't be using that road again. Surely there should be a proper segregated facility for cyclists if they want to have a speed limit of 50 mph?

  5. The bit in the video is actually an edge marking. I had been riding along the shoulder after the cycle lane suddenly ended a short while earlier. You can see the shoulder narrowing to nothing in the video. I was really starting to get worried at this point but thought I might as well push on for the next mile or so to the B road rather than go back the way I had come.

    I wasn't recording whilst on the segregated cycle path but you can see it here courtesy of google maps.

    Just happy to be alive at the moment but still having cold sweats about it!