Saturday, 26 February 2011

Cycling CO2 Emissions

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Some of you will have heard about or even read the Daily Mail's latest cycling related article. It is frankly quite worrying. Worrying that so many people choose to buy this absolute crap. Still one comment on the online article really made me sit up and take notice. 

Did you know cyclists are a source of global warming? Apparently a "...sweaty deep breathing cyclist is proven to give out more CO2 than a modern and efficient small car...". Good Lord! All those fossil fuels we must be using up while not actually consuming much more than food, water and oxygen. How can this be? Maybe it is the chain lubricant and rubber for the tyres? I would love to know because the science is really beyond me. Can anyone explain?

Anyway, thank you Andy McNathan of Belfast for making us all aware of this. (Full comment below)

Bikes are a scourge. They should pay compulsory road tax, 3rd party insurance and require an annual test to check on the condition of brakes etc. The cyclists should be forced to take a proficiency test including the full Highway Code and should face large fines for failing to wear hi-lux clothing, helmets and displaying proper lights at all times. They should also be compelled to display a number plate so that they can be caught for the many crimes they commit. Frankly, given that a sweaty deep breathing cyclist is proven to give out more CO2 than a modern and efficient small car, bikes should be banned altogether.


  1. Can anyone explain?

    No, but on the evidence provided, the Maily Dail & some of its commenters do a good job of emitting a lot of Methane, so they hardly hold the moral high ground ;>D

    On a serious note, the headline is wrong to begin with as the study was about Triggers rather than Causes, and can you trust a set of figures that illustrates that moderate exercise is worse for you than Cocaine?

  2. I can't believe that that people actually read an believe this kind of BS, as common sense surely dictates otherwise!