Wednesday, 14 December 2011

BMX Bandit

The BBC has a report of a 15 year old boy riding a BMX bike into a pedestrian on a bridleway and causing her some significant injury from the sound of it. This dangerous and loutish behaviour is indefensible and I feel for the woman hurt by this idiot. However, I despair of reporting which focuses on this because it involves cycling (even though it was a BMX) while not putting the type of incident into any greater context. 

In the immediate area where this incident took place there have been eleven fatalities and numerous serious injuries from 2000 - 2010 according to Road Casualties UK. I venture none have been caused by cyclists! A little balance would therefore be nice but this kind of death toll is now an accepted price we, as a society, seem willing to pay for the freedom to drive cars about the place. 

This will now be something else I am guilty of by association. And I have NEVER even ridden a BMX!

Road casualties around Caerwys. Large rectangles = fatalities.


  1. Tragic :>(

    And I have NEVER even ridden a BMX!

    Also tragic...did you have a mis'spent yoof?!?

  2. Ian

    I was not allowed a misspent youth. I was working a 30 hr week in the family business while I was at school :-(

    I also did what a lots did in the late 80' and got a MTB for everday use. It never saw much in the way of mountains or even off road use ;-)