Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Seeing The Light

From the BBC

Every UK road casualty between 1999-2010 recorded as a point of light.

Two million, three hundred and ninety six thousand, seven hundred and fifty of them picking out the road network.

Beautiful. In a macabre way.


  1. amazing graphic... powerful and immediate.

    But on a more cheery note, hope you and family had a good xmas!

  2. Wow, just discovered your blog. Really impressed with the BCQ. I wonder if there's anything like it near me (CA, USA)? Is the LEL all road?

  3. LC

    Having a very nice and relaxing family Christmas and even get some non commuting cycling in!


    Don't know about a US verion of the BCQ. Why not suggest something similar to a few local cycling groups and get one going?

    The LEL is all road. All 850 odd miles of it! A bit mad but going to go for it. My longest day ride so far was 155 miles, done under 15 hrs. I want to manage 200 miles a day in under 16 hrs so have a bit of work to do yet!