Saturday, 5 November 2011

Joining The Club

The Brother in law's Brompton P6R
Well I have borrowed my Brother in law's shiny new Brompton for a few days to see what they are like. 

He plumped for a P6R model in a lovely 'Turkish Green' colour. The 'P' refers to the handlebar type, the '6' to the number of gears (a 3 speed hub with a 2 speed derailleur) and the 'R' to the presence of a rear rack and mudguards. He also got a Shimano hub dynamo running a front halogen light and rear LED light. It's very nice! 

I commuted to and from work yesterday on a route with some incline. I found the gearing more than adequate for the job (and didn't even use them all!). The ride was surprisingly assured. There was some flex through the handlebars but this was not excessive by any means. Yep, very nice and I managed a fold in less than 25 seconds! 

I am now well on my way to joining the Brommie Appreciation From A Distance Society. I have heard about. Can't quite remember the complete joining criteria though. Something about; riding around on it (check), demonstrating the fold (check), carrying it in a supermarket (to do) and being cool/saying cool things? (difficult). Anyone know the full list and where to send the completed application form can they please let me know. Thanks.


  1. The BAFADS...of course I made it up...but you are clearly qualified to join!

    And the Brommie...that is a beautiful example of the breed :>)

  2. You mean BAFADS is not real? How can this be? Very sad and doubly so as I thought I would soon be joining the Brommie Owners Club but have had those plans dashed too!

  3. Oh bugger!

    Well lets allow BAFADS to exist unofficially.

    Because does.