Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Surreal Sledding

Back cycling and very happy too. I did some errands today and went up to Swinton to meet the OH and Golden Child after her dancing lesson this evening (the daughter's that is not the wife's lesson). We went for tea after and then I cycled home.

Pulling off the road I decided to make the final leg of my return along National Cycle Route 6. This section is an off-road unlit section of track through Prestwich Forest Park. I was blazing a light down the pitch black track courtesy of my Edelux when I noticed a light at head height moving towards me at speed. I thought it was an oncoming cycling and moved to one side of the track. I was a little put out when three of four dogs suddenly appeared running ahead of the light. Turns out it was a team of Siberian Huskies pulling a wheeled sled and sledder. I was passed by three teams in all before meeting the parked support vehicle where I stopped for a chat. Turns out they were in training for a race. All very surreal to begin with.

Now you don't get that commuting home in a car!


  1. hey darrell your websites great,im a novice cyclist commuter,where did you get the front fork light bracket from on your santos?

  2. Hi

    It came with the bike. Not sure what it is called. It's now replaced with a Schmidt Edelux dynamo light.