Wednesday, 23 November 2011

For The Joy Of Riding

The new windproof, long sleeve jersey works well. I wore it today with two breathable layers underneath and was quite toasty when I got moving. It comes from the Altura range (I like them because they fit me well and are reasonable quality at an affordable price IMO). It's a red 'Night Vision' but it's a totally different beast to the previously blogged about jacket.

It is far more breathable and fitted. It suits working hard on the road bike. There are three pockets on the rear which are good because the road bike doesn't carry much luggage apart from a small saddle-post bag, a tiny pump, the Garmin and a single bottle/cage. The centre pocket is a good size for the Pocket Rocket jacket and the other two are handy for quick carbo' snacks. None of them are zipped but this doesn't bother me as I do not carry phone or keys on my person in case I come off. Just things that will deform easily!
Altura Night Vision Jersey
The ride today was good. I managed an average moving speed of 14.9 mph over some mixed terrain. A few short hills and one or two up to 10%. There was a steep downhill into Somerseat but this was spoiled a little as it's very twisty, has a T junction along it and the road surface is not good at all. I hit one pothole at 25mph or so and thought I had wrecked my front wheel. No loss of handling though and when I stopped the wheel looked fine. The one long, straighter downhill into Bolton was also spoiled somewhat. I came round a slight bend at 30mph to find a set of contraflow lights at red. I lost all my momentum and had to wait almost 5 mins before they turned green. I was starting to get cold!

I'll go a little further north next time and skirt around Bolton as far as possible, coming back via Turton, Belmont, Winter Hill and Rivington. That road is awesome and you can even see the coast on a clear day!

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