Sunday, 23 August 2009

Brotherly Love Part I

Went for a ride this AM around the area we are staying (just north of the Lakes). It is mostly flat with quiet country roads. I planned a 10 mile circular route and hoped to complete it in under 40 mins.

Invited my brother in law along for the ride, not expecting him to be so keen to join me. He has an old racer, used to cycle to work up to a year ago and on top of that he is taller and leaner than me. I expected him to set the pace. How wrong could I be?

I set off first as I knew the route and within 1/2 mile had opened a fair gap. I thought he was happy to have a gap on the twisty roads but realised after another mile the distance was increasing despite slowing my pace. I stopped and let him catch up and then tucked in beside him. He was working hard and had a bit of a sweat on. I didn't want to make a competition of it (despite my inclination) and so we finished off the rest of the circuit at a nice pootle.

We got back in 54 mins and averaged 12mph. I am planning the same ride tomorrow and hope to do it by myself at some point this week and see what times I can achieve - brother in law willing!

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