Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Family Cycling

Me (left), the BIL and his two eldest

Loading the cars at the end of the ride

We headed to Keswick today to cycle the old railway line to Threlkeld which is now a walking/cycling path and part of the C2C route. By we I mean me, the brother in law (BIL) and his two eldest girls. The wives decided to join us for part of it along with the youngest niece (5) and my daughter (3) - bad idea!

We descended to the path from the busy dual carriageway with the two youngest girls on kiddie bikes/stabilizers. As soon as my daughter left the tarmac and started on the gravel section she didn't want to carry on any more and the tears ensued. I offered to tow her on the Trailgator I had brought along and which she had resolutely refused to use prior to this point and she, to my amazement, said yes. Well she managed 5M and the tears became a torrent and the wails became a wall of noise. She actually didn't like it one bit.

So? The BIL, two nieces and myself did the return trip and had a great ride. The two wives and two respective youngest children went back to the Horse and Farrier pub in Threlkeld to meet 'Ninny Nanny' (the BIL's mother!) who we had left nursing a half pint of bitter, reading the Mirror and gently muttering to herself.

And me? I had to tow the golden child's pink, tasselled kiddie bike to Keswick and back to various passing comments from those we past along the lines of "you've lost one". Very funny for the first couple of times but wearing after the next five comedians had made their stab for the Perrier.

And the upshot? The wives liked the bit they did so much we are going to do it all again this week but I have to tow the golden child in a rental, tow along, kiddie trailer.

Happy holidays!

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