Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Muppet Man

Riding home yesterday morning, i came to a set of red lights with a van stopped in the cycle box. I nipped past him and stopped next to a fellow cyclist. I was first away as the lights changed and was very shortly overtaken (with very little room) by the van man who then pulled over towards the kerb having barely just passed me. He then had to stop completely as the the two lanes of traffic filtered into one and all 4+ wheel traffic was at a standstill ahead. I stopped at his open window and politely but firmly made him aware of how dangereous his driving was. To give him some credit i don't think he was being deliberately idiotic but rather just had no idea of how to drive around cyclists. Isn't that normally the story!

While i was conversing with this muppet, the cyclist from the lights plus another passed me. I caught up with them at the next set, after filtering through the standing traffic, joining them in the cycle box. We briefly commented about the van man and one said he had done exactly the same thing to him at some earlier lights. Who knows? maybe he might be more aware next time? maybe?

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