Sunday, 16 August 2009

Saddle Problems

The day i was starting my current run of night shifts i noticed there was a little play in my saddle. Attempting to tighten up the required bolt it sheared into two pieces. I went along to Cooksons Cycles in Whitefield to see if they had a spare and arrived at 17.00hrs ( i was due to leave for work at 19.00hrs). They couldn't have been more helpful and while they didn't have the right size bolt they have lent me a secondhand seatpost and saddle while i await a replacement part to arrive. Great service.

Unfortunately, coming home from work yesterday i noticed the saddle - pedal distance had changed and realised the seatpost had dropped 10cms or so since it had been fitted. I don't carry a full range of tools on my commute and so couldn't make the required alterations until i got home. The difference in power and speed was quite noticeable during the ride. I felt like i was riding a little kids bike (although still managed a cyclist on cyclist overtake!). I have now altered my "with bike" tool/spares kit to make sure i don't have the same problem again. Lesson learned.

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