Monday, 24 August 2009

New Bike!!

Spoke to my wife about our plan to buy a "runabout" car this year. We both had a car before getting married but have only run one between us for several years. She misses the independence (especially when she has our little girl while I'm using the car for work).

I am averse to spending money without good reason and since cycling to work think we don't need a second car, particularly as we live next to a Metro Station and on a main bus route. However, I do have my sights set on a new bike (see my Dream Bike section) and suggested to my better half that I buy a bike for commuting/touring instead (thoughts of the Pennine Cycleway next year), she has the car for her own use while I'm at work and I convert my Marin back to a mountain bike for messing around on i.e. put knobbly tyres on and take mudguards off. She said yes!

I am going to order a Koga Signature in the next month or two using the cycle to work scheme. Just need to confirm my current work situation (might be changing employer soon) and then will have a visit to the local UK dealer - Cycles Sense - in Tadcaster to firm up frame size and get thier opinion on some decisions to be made. Do I go for front suspension or use rigid forks along with a suspension seat post instead? rim brakes or disc brakes? is a "butterfly" handlebar as good as made out or just posey nonsense?

The choices to be made!

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