Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Audacious Cycling

Audacious meaning bold. Now shortened to Audax and the type of cycle ride I am going to attempt tomorrow. Not the most extreme ride anyone has ever done but at around 250 km (155 miles including cycling to and from the start) this will be my longest and boldest ride by far. And while I normally just pootle at my own pace and decide when and where I will finish cycling that day this is a timed event and I must get proof of passage and completion at various points on the way. 

So, I am meeting a fellow Audax rider at 07.00 hrs tomorrow in Manchester and we are going to follow a circular route to Liverpool/Wirral and back to Manchester. He has done this before so I will be very much in his hands. The weather is looking great and the bike is ready. I'll aim for no alcohol this evening and an early night. Quite excited but just a little nervous.

If I can do this within the time limit and not be too knackered I will be well on my way to preparing for LEL 2013. The first physical and pyschological steps will have been taken and everything after will be easier because of that. If I struggle tomorrow I will have to reassess my goal to complete the LEL. I am hopeful it will not be too taxing. I have done rides of 145 km before with camping gear, found it pleasurable and was ready to do it all again the next day but perhaps that will be my upper limit. I suppose only time (and distance) will tell!

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