Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Nerves Of Steel!

I have been planning a big family day out on bikes all Summer. There was going to be my sister with her family, my brother and his family, me, the OH and The Golden Child - six adults and six kids all told. Unfortunately it never came to fruition for a variety of scheduling pressures. 

The brother in law and I were going to take his two eldest girls for a day out last Saturday on hired tandems but in the event this plan was dashed when he was informed they were in Girl Guide camp that weekend. We were both still free though and fancied doing something a bit different. As I had always wanted to try a tandem we decided to hire just one and did a twenty mile return trip along the Tissington Trail in Derbyshire. It was an experience I never, ever wish to repeat. 

The film shows the outward section which is mainly a gentle uphill pull. At 10 miles it started to rain hard and continuously so we turned round. The combination of: a wet slippy surface, thin tyres, woolly steering, the increased speed and two big blokes made it a quite hair raising journey. Filming was the last thing I wanted to add to the mix so there is no visual record of this part. Anyway, we did get back without coming off but it was nerve wracking trip. I know I'll be sticking to my own bike(s) from now on. Tandem riders must have nerves of steel!


  1. you both looked like you enjoyed yourself and had a great time bonding...;-). how about trying a tandem for 3!

  2. It was a great day and a good laff. The film brought all the day back. Need to take a brolly next time

  3. Damo

    Two on a bike not my thing. You think I want a threesome??! I'll organise a day out cycling but I'll be on a bicycle for one thank you very much!

  4. LOL looks like (white knuckle) fun :>D

    Must admit, haven't tried ours with an adult on the back. They do steer differently than a solo bike!

  5. Ian

    "They do steer differently..." I should say so!

    Coming down a (slight) hill at <15 mph, if the steering was turned to avoid a bump/rock/puddle the back of the bike just wanted to overtake the front and beat it back to the hire centre. My arms really ached after the day making constant corrections normally done with body position alone.

    Would be different with a lighter stoker I realise but I really prefer cycling without having to indicate to someone else when I am about slow/stop pedalling/change gear. And don't get me going on being a stoker. That was the most frightening thing i've done in a long time.