Sunday, 11 September 2011

Horse Hooves And Bicycle Tyres

I now know what the thingamig for getting stones out of horses hooves can also be used for - glass fragments from cycle tyres.
Not my actual 'Swiss Army Knife'

I took the Travelmaster up to my Sister in Law's place north of Newcastle recently to meet the OH and Golden Child who'd gone up earlier that week. Unfortunately, time and distance meant I had to take the train from Manchester, cycling to and from stations, rather than cycle all the way. Still, my bike was with me for some local cycling and I had a great time. This was when I got to cycle underwater after all.

While there I took advantage of a large garden and dedicated child care facilities (Auntie L and Uncle D) to do some polishing and checking of the bike. Not a huge amount to do but I did deflate the tyres to check some nicks out. I found little glass fragments in almost all of them that could not be seen while the tyres were fully inflated. They hadn't caused me any problems in thousands of miles thanks to the puncture resistant strip but I was glad to remove them anyway. I love Schwalbe touring tyres!

Schwalbe Marathon Supreme


  1. I am a big fan of schwalbe marathon plus they are a tenner dearer than other tyres but I suppose worth it when its 2 am and your cycling home and cycle through that broken stella bottle dropped by some yoof.

  2. They are great aren't they - very comfy and puncture resistant. I also have some Marathon Winter studded tyres. Brilliant in the ice and snow but not so good on dusty concrete! I am getting some Schwalbe Durano's for audaxing with. Much lighter but still with some puncture protection. A trade off between comfort, speed and reliability. Every little helps!

  3. Does the knife above have a tool to get Vicars out of boy-scouts?

  4. As a devout atheist I wouldn't know anything about Vicars and boy-scouts. I'm sure one of the multitude of tools could be pressed into service for such a job though!