Tuesday, 6 September 2011

A Bicycle Made For Two

Another thing on The Bucket List (I will have to formalize this list some day) is to ride a tandem. Not because I aspire to owning one but simply because I wonder what it would be like. I'm actually following contributing to a thread on CycleChat at the moment about the attraction of riding a tandem. So, when I saw one the other day locked up in the middle of York I just had to stop and take a closer look. 
Central York
This one is a real quality bit of kit - a Thorn tandem with Rohloff hub and hub lighting no less. And pulling a kiddie trailer as well! Very impressed I was but time (and the OH) would only let me hang about for a couple of minutes so these are the best pics I could get. 

I may actually realise my ambition quite soon as I do have tentative plans for a day out on two hired tandems. However, this is very much in the planning stages at the moment, subject to the agreement of my brother in law and will of course be weather dependant. Wish me luck.


  1. Following a thread on CycleChat?

    Not contributing?

    They'll have your IP address and probably regard you as a lurker with all that implies.

  2. Pete

    Of course I'm contributing.

    Follow the link and you'll see me there!

    Thanks for your concern though.